Project Pitch Vote

Posted: Mon, Feb 1
Due: Friday, Feb 5, 11:59 PM Saturday, Feb 6, 11:59 PM
Point Total: 5% of your IA grade (1.8% overall)

Assignment Overview
This assignment has three parts:
  1. Read through your assigned project pitches. We randomly selected the titles/abstracts that you were assigned. Each student must review two project pitches (but you are welcome to review more).
  2. Review your assigned project pitches using the Google Doc evaluation form that we created
  3. Read through as many other project pitches as you would like and then rank your top three favorites.

Please read the pitches carefully. Your votes matter. You will be working on one of the following projects throughout the rest of the semester.

Part One: Project Pitches

Matt and I pre-screened the following project pitches based on the same evaluation metrics that you will use in your own reviews: feasibility, motivation, originality, quality of pitch, and overall project rating. You can view your assigned reviews on the assignment sheet.
  1. Alternatives to Gerrymandering
  2. Rounding Credit Card Purchases to Donate Excess to Homeless Shelters
  3. Improving European Customs Abilities to Identify Fake Documentation Through Better Information
  4. Effects of Jail Time on Quality of Life
  5. Helping Sexual Assault/Rape Victims and Educating Others through Safe Reporting
  6. Empowering Non-Native Parents via Translated Educational Materials
  7. Amplifying the Voices of Civilian Victims of Drone Strikes and Air Raids
  8. Creating A Platform for Finding Safe Spaces for At-Risk LGBT Youth
  9. Overcoming Food Deserts by Giving Users Access to Local Healthy Food Resources
  10. Discerning Ethical Products Through Consumer Input and Online Metrics
  11. Facilitating Community Support Against Poverty
  12. Increasing Transparency on Healthcare Prices for Consumers
  13. Fighting Worldwide Hunger Through Food Cost Visualization
  14. Raising awareness of worldwide censorship through self imposed censorship
  15. Providing a Tool to Help Communities Organize Events
  16. ANTI_CORRUPTION: A Better Corruption Reporting Tool.
  17. Travel Safe, Prevent Human Trafficking
  18. Hiring Bias
  19. Improving the Coordination between Aid Organizations in the European Migrant Crisis
  20. Educating Americans about Inequality in the US
  21. Equipping All Citizens with The Power to Vote
  22. Interactive Storytelling for Simultaneous Dual-Language Learning
  23. Helping Minority Gamers Find more Diverse Video Games
  24. Who is Getting (scholar)Shipped to College?

Part Two: Project Pitch Evaluation Form

For each of your assigned project pitches, you must fill out this evaluation form . Note: you can also fill out additional review forms for as many project pitches as you would like but you must complete your assigned reviews.

Part Three: Rank Your Top Three Favorite Project Proposals

Finally, read/skim other project proposals and rank your top three by filling out this project ranking form.

This ranking will be used to coordinate group forming. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed into a group that you ranked within your top three but we will try our best. In the cases of ties, we will give priority based on timestamp (earlier is better). If we cannot assign you to one of your top three choices, we will place you on a team that seems closest to your interests. If you have a very compelling reason to be on a team with a particular individual in the class, please email me and CC Matt.