Due: Friday, May 13, 11:59PM
Point Total: ~5% of your IA grade (1.8% overall)

Assignment Overview
In this assignment, you will fill out two assessment forms:
  1. An assessment of your contribution and your teammate's contribution to the semester-long team project (link). You should fill this out after final project presentations on May 12th.

  2. An assessment of this course (link). You guys are the "expert users" of this course now, so your thoughtful, constructive feedback can go a long way in improving the lectures, assignments, and overall curriculum. Note: this course assessment is different than the university mandated CourseEvalUM, which I would also like you to fill out.


None. Just fill out the forms linked above.


This assignment will be graded pass/fail. You will receive full points if you fill out both assessments; otherwise, nothing.