The PDF versions of my lectures are publicly viewable. The PPTX versions are behind a password protected class website. The PPTX versions are, in a word, better and allow you to view the embedded videos and animations. If you would like access to the original PPTX versions and you are no enrolled in this course, please email me: jonf@cs.umd.edu. If you do view the PPTX versions, know that you need the proper fonts for the slides to render correctly. I tend to use Helvetica Neue, Adelle, Segoe UI, and Segoe Print.

Other professors/teachers: you are completely welcome to use my slides in your course; however, I would appreciate proper attribution and an email letting me know that you found them useful. :)

Week 01

Lecture 01: Design Activity & Intro to Class

Thursday, 01/28/2016
PDF (6.48MB) | PPTX (183MB)

Week 02

Lecture 02: Design Processes

Topics: introduction to design thinking; brainstorming; human-centered design processes
Tuesday, 02/02/2016
PDF (2.4MB) | PPTX (71.2MB)

Lecture 03: Formative User Research Methods |

Topics: overview of user research methods; study ethics, IRB, & informed consent; begin observation techniques
Thursday, 02/04/2016
PDF (4.1MB) | PPTX (53.9MB)

Week 03

Lecture 04: Formative User Research Methods II

Topics: greater contextualization of user research methods; observation techniques including in-the-lab, design ethnography, contextual inquiry, and online data sources
Tuesday, 02/09/2016
PDF (5.7MB) | PPTX (333MB)

Lecture 05: In-Class Project Brainstorm

Topics: brainstorm team projects
Tuesday, 02/11/2016
PDF (5.7MB) | PPTX (3.2MB)

Week 04

Lecture 06: Formative User Research Methods III

Topics: surveys, interviews, in-situ self-report, cultural probes, empathy tools
Tuesday, 02/16/2016
PDF (4.8MB) | PPTX (33.5MB)

Lecture 07: In-Class TA02 Activity, Design Critiques, Analyzing User Research Data

Topics: in-class activity on TA02, design critiques, basic analysis approaches for quantitative and qualitative data
Tuesday, 02/18/2016
PDF (4.8MB) | PPTX (33.5MB)

Week 05

Lecture 08: Ideation and Sketching

Topics: ideation, getting design right and right design, sketching interfaces, sketching objects
Tuesday, 02/23/2016
PDF (22.6MB) | PPTX (52MB)

Lecture 09: Sketching and Storyboarding

Topics: sketching interfaces, sketching objects, sketching people, capturing time, capturing experiences, sequential storyboards, state transition diagrams, narrative storyboards
Thursday, 02/25/2016
PDF (27.4MB) | PPTX (30MB)

Week 06

Lecture 10: Prototyping I & TA03 Brainstorming Activity

Topics: prototyping culture, prototyping in industry
Tuesday, 03/01/2016
PDF (2.5MB) | PPTX (219MB)

Lecture 11: Prototyping II & TA03 In-Class Design Critique

Topics: defining prototypes, difference between sketch & prototype, types of prototypes, prototyping dimensions
Thursday, 03/03/2016
PDF (2.4MB) | PPTX (63.5MB)

Week 07

Lecture 12: Prototyping III & Balsamiq Activity

Topics: Low-fi vs. hi-fi prototyping debate, how to prototype and the science of design, balsamiq (mid-fi prototyping tool) activity
Tuesday, 03/08/2016
PDF (4.4MB) | PPTX (56.1MB)

Lecture 13: Engineering Interfaces & IA07 Android Check-In

Topics: Overview of modern UI builders, IDEs, and widget libraries. Intro to layouts and grids. Android programming activity.
Thursday, 03/10/2016
PDF (3.0MB) | PPTX (16MB)

Week 08 - Spring Break

No lectures!

Week 09

Lecture 14: Evaluating Prototypes

Topics: paper prototypes and evaluating paper prototypes, lab-based procedure for testing prototypes, importance of testing multiple prototypes, Wizard-Of-Oz prototypes and testing, deploying lo-fi prototypes, video prototypes
Tuesday, 03/22/2016
PDF (4.7MB) | PPTX (244MB)

Lecture 15: TA04 Mid-Fi Prototype Workshopping
Jon out sick. Matt M. covered.
Thursday, 03/24/2016
No slides

Week 10

Lecture 16: Engineering Interfaces II

Topics: procedural vs. event-driven programming, event processing/messaging at OS and application-level, concept of window tree and event propagation, concrete examples of mouse events and keyboard events in MS Windows
Tuesday, 03/29/2016
PDF (2.8MB) | PPTX (221MB)

Lecture 17: Engineering Interfaces III

Topics: continuing event processing example, message loops, UI threads, comparing MS Windows vs. Android message loops, window and view definitions, programming with events in Android and .NET, concept of invalidate and relationship to message loops, simple optimization strategies for drawing code
Thursday, 03/31/2016
PDF (3.1MB) | PPTX (83MB)

Week 11

Lecture 18: Engineering Interfaces IV

Topics: UI thread, cross-thread communication, .NET WinForms cross-thread communication example, Android cross-thread communication example
Tuesday, 04/05/2016
PDF (1.8MB) | PPTX (135MB)

Lecture 19: Midterm Exam

Topics: comprehensive exam on lectures, readings, and assignments
Thursday, 04/07/2016
No slides

Week 12

Lecture 20: Interaction Design I

Topics: mental/conceptual models, conceptual models, and Don Norman's IxD principles, including: visibility, affordances, feedback, mapping, constraint consistency
Tuesday, 04/12/2016
PDF (9.5MB) | PPTX (227MB)

Lecture 21: Interaction Design II

Topics: applying IxD principles, reflecting on aesthetics
Thursday, 04/14/2016
PDF (2.6MB) | PPTX (7.1MB)

Week 13

Lecture 22: In-Class Activity TA05 Critique

Topics: in-class activity peer critiquing TA05
Tuesday, 04/19/2016
PDF (2.6MB) | PPTX (7.1MB)

Lecture 23: UI Graphic Design I - Color

Topics: color theory, color temperature, emotional qualities of color, color palettes, where to get color palettes, color palette recommendations, things to watch out for
Thursday, 04/21/2016
PDF (15.6MB) | PPTX (103MB)

Week 14

Lecture 24: UI Graphic Design II - Layout and Visual Hierarchy
Topics: visual hierarchy, ingredients for effective visual hierarchy, analyzing visual hierarchies, use of white space, visual processing layouts, use of grids, rule of thirds, gestalt principles
Tuesday, 04/26/2016
PDF (11.1MB) | PPTX (133MB)

Lecture 25: UI Graphic Design III - Typography

Topics: impressionist art winners announced, typography basics and definitions, emotional qualities of typography, analyzing typography, inspirations for typography,
Thursday, 04/28/2016
PDF (11.4MB) | PPTX (93.3MB)

Week 15

Lecture 26: UI Graphic Design IV - Iconography
Topics: icon design principles, primary icon uses, icon benefits, case studies in physical world and software, icons dos and don'ts, testing icons, OS platform icon guidelines
Tuesday, 05/03/2016
PDF (15.3MB) | PPTX (54.4MB)

Lecture 27: TA06 Quick Feedback & TA07 In-Class Work
Topics: though we spent almost the entire class on TA06 and TA07, as promised, I have included references to the use of animation in UI in the lecture slide deck
Thursday, 05/05/2016
PDF (1MB) | PPTX (160MB)