Posted: Tues, Feb 2
Due: Thurs, Feb 4, 10:59AM (before class)
Point Total: Content will be on quiz/exams

We have one assigned reading and one assigned video:
  1. Tom Kelley, The Perfect Brainstorm, Excerpt from The Art of Innovation, 2007 [source link]

  2. ABC News Video, IDEO Design Thinking, 60 Minutes, January 2013 [source link]. This video is about Tom's brother David Kelley, who is the founder of IDEO and a professor at Stanford. IDEO is one of the largest and most successful design consulting firms.

Things to Think About

As you're reading, think about:
  1. What do you think are the two most useful "secrets" for better brainstorming from Tom Kelley's article?
  2. In your life, have you developed any brainstorming strategies that work for you that you would add to Kelley's list?
  3. What are some keys to "unlocking creativity" at IDEO (both sources 1 and 2 provide some answers)?
  4. Do you feel like you have had to use ideation/brainstorming skills in your other CS classes? Why or why not? Is this important?