Due: Tuesday, Feb 16, 10:59AM (before class)
Point Total: Content will be on quiz/exams

Please watch the following video, which is quite famous in HCI/design circles for providing a nice high-level overview of a human-centered, iterative design process.
  1. ABC News Video, IDEO and Design (The Shopping Cart Redesign Video), Nightline, July, 1999 [source link] Note: some students have had trouble watching this in their browser. I suggest downloading it and watching with VLC.

Things to Think About

As you're watching, think about:
  1. What were the most compelling/thought provoking parts of this video and why?
  2. How do IDEO teams work together? Do you think this is an effective strategy? Why or why not? Have you worked at an internship or job that uses a similar approach?
  3. Why is observation important to design?
  4. How is innovation encouraged at IDEO?
  5. Critique the final shopping cart design. What were its benefits over a traditional design? What were some limitations?