Due: Tues, Mar 22, 10:59AM (before class)
Point Total: Content will be on quiz/exams

Please watch the following two videos on Android UI programming, which are also included (and directly related to) your IA07 Android assignment.
  1. Rapidly Prototyping a Calculator App in Android [link].
  2. Quick Intro to Creating a Custom View in Android [link]

In all, these videos cover:
  1. How to use Android Studio's drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface along with the declarative XML interface to build user interfaces
  2. How to use built-in widgets such as Grid Layouts, Buttons, and Text Views
  3. How to interface between the UI elements created in the WYSIWYG and/or XML interface and actual Java code
  4. How to style your interface
  5. How to create custom Views
  6. How to use Toast and a few other tips.