Interactive Prototype 1 and Demo/Critique

Due: Tuesday, Apr 19, 11:59PM
Point Total: ~15% of your TA grade (6.8% overall)

Assignment Overview
In this assignment, you will begin implementing your most promising prototypes and features in code. You must implement a minimum of two of your four tasks. Recall that your projects must have both a web and a native mobile component; however, they do not need to be balanced. One can be the primary application, the other can play a supporting role. While the mobile component must be implemented in Android (unless you have a good reason for iOS or WP), the interactive web page can be built with any framework/libraries you like (from jQuery and Angular to d3 and Bootstrap). For this assignment, we'd like you to implement at least one task on web and one on mobile.

This is the first implementation assignment of three. Here, your focus should be on rapidly prototyping the overall feel and primary functionality of your application. In your next implementation assignment (Interactive Prototype 2 and User Testing), you will throw out and re-implement poorly received design ideas, finish off the rest of the tasks, and improve existing features. You will also begin strengthening core parts of your application. Finally, in the last implementation assignment (Interactive Prototype 3 and Video), you should have a largely functional, fairly well fleshed-out working prototype.

As these are interactive prototypes and this is a 16-week course in HCI, your focus should be on the UI and user experience. We fully expect that you will have to use dummy data or other creative approaches to simplify backend headaches. Due to this focus on UI, your prototypes should demonstrate different interactions (i.e., should not just rely on clicking a button to access static content).


  • As soon as possible but no later than Tuesday, April 12th: have github repo created and shared with team (email Matt if you need help with this). All team members should have tried 'git push' either on real code or on a dummy file. You should continuously check-in code to your github repo throughout these Interactive Prototype assignments. For more on using github and git, see:

  • In class on Tuesday, April 19th, you will be paired with at least one other team for a demo+critique session.

  • By the EOD on April 19th, you will submit a two-page (maximum) report describing: (i) changes from the mid-fi to code implementation and reasons for these changes; (ii) challenges experienced thus far in implementation; (iii) findings from your critique session; and (iv) plans for future work (i.e., Interactive Prototype 2 assignment). We encourage you to write sections (i), (ii), and possibly parts of (iv) before classtime on April 19th. The report must have an appendix (unlimited length) that shows: (i) screenshots of your current implementation with captions (and annotations, as necessary) and (ii) scanned notes from demo/critique session.


  • Two-page report + unlimited length appendix in PDF form submitted to Canvas
  • A link to your project in github


You can download the rubric as an Excel file below:

We've also taken a screenshot of the rubric for your convenience. You can click on the image below to enlarge.